Pinetop Community Association

Our "Good Neighbor Community" since 1971, located in beautiful Pinetop, Arizona. The Pinetop Community Association (PCA), where we live good neighbor to good neighbor, in a unique alpine environment. We're here to provide you with information about your Association that we hope will be useful to you — our members.


Our Community

The Pinetop Community Association (PCA) has over 600 properties in five different units (platted subdivisions defined in the 1960's and developed in subsequent years). PCA was formed in 1971 as non-profit corporation registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission. PCA is NOT a planned community and therefore is exempt from Arizona laws regulating a "Planned Community" and the community governing body. More then 90% of properties have been developed, some owners have multiple adjacent lots which create a buffer space around the home. We are proudly a Firewise Community.


News & Events

Board Of Directors Meeting

PCA Board Of Directors Meeting – April 20th, 2023

If you are interested in joining us for this meeting, please call our Clerk Phone Line at: 928-369-2410 for more information.

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PCA’s 50th Anniversary Timeline

We are proud to be sharing PCA’s 50th Anniversary with you in “2021”! The lots in our area started selling in 1967 and it was unincorporated until 1974, and at that time there were 604 platted parcels. Thank you to all of our year- round residents who keep the pulse going and everything safe in our little neck of the woods. It is truly appreciated by all of us who increase the population substantially during peak summer months and shake up our peaceful corner of the world.

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Bears – Beware!!

To minimize your chances of an unwanted encounter, remove any birdfeeders, water dishes, dog food or garbage cans (except on your designated garbage day), so they aren’t drawn to your home.

For further information, call AZ Game and Fish @ 928/367-4281, Monday-Friday, during their 8-5 normal business hours, if you have a problem/nuisance bear to report.

The number for 24/7 service is: 623-236-7201

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Quiet Hour

For years, but more recently especially, our “tranquil place of pine trees, peace and solitude” has been impacted by noise from additional traffic (more owners living on the mountain full or part-time), ATV’s passing through on their way to the National/Apache Forest (via our Fire Escape route), loose dogs, construction noise of new houses and many more visitors than in the past. Because of these reasons and more, the 2020-2021 Board of Directors approved and voted in a new “Quiet Hour Rule” effective January 21, 2021.

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December 2022 Newsletter - VIEW

PCA NEWSLETTER – December 2022


We have had a few complaints about trash cans that are not concealed or shielded from view of neighboring lots. In the rules and polices effective as of July 26, 2022 listed as 1.6 Trash, Refuse Containers and Propane Tanks it states the following: All trash, rubbish and debris shall be kept in sanitary contains and regularly removed from the lot. Propane tanks must be screened using an esthetically pleasing non-combustible product to conceal the tank from neighboring lots and the street. Refuse containers shall be shielded from view of neighboring lots and the street except when placed out for collection and then only for such time reasonably necessary to affect such collection to avoid attracting bears or interfering with snow-clearing road equipment. We all want to adhere to the rules and policies, to keep our mountain beautiful. This is the priority, of the PCA...Read More >