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Frank M. Smith & Associates

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Frank M Smith - Property Management
Contact: Chad Smith

Frank M Smith - Property Manager
Contact: Kat High

Property management organizations will charge an HOA a fee depending on the size of the community and the extent of their services provided. Accounting and financial advising services are common services many HOAs use. This may be simple bookkeeping or extend to suggesting how much to budget for future costs, when repairs and maintenance to common properties are likely to be necessary, and how to find a good contractor. Advisement to the Board by the property management may include reporting the HOA's financial status, maintenance needs and overall progress of projects. These are provided to the Pinetop Community Association through Frank Smith & Associates.

Homeowner associations commonly hire property management companies to ensure implementation of their policies and management of the day-to-day community assets. This service is providing huge dividends to the Pinetop Community Association under Jim Rathbun’s project management, where maintenance of the buildings and common grounds is being leveraged with all the other HOAs Frank Smith contracts with, providing great value to the Pinetop Community Association.

Reviewing past and current Pinetop Community Association annual budgets, one can see the precise numbers for these fees and how this current Board has managed those fees to ensure that the Pinetop Community Association continues to be that great place to live on the mountain, while maintaining a high quality living environment.