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2020 Newsletters

July 2020 Newsletter - VIEW


This is an unusual summer without our Firewise Block Party or our regular in‐person Annual Meeting. As the worst part of the 2020 fire season is already underway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all homeowners for maintaining/cleaning their property. We hope that you’ll enjoy your summer and are safely observing the Covid‐19 guidelines. You may continue to find Covid‐19 updates on our webpage www.PCA‐ The SAV (Sheriff’s Auxiliary of Navajo County) will patrol the PCA area during the July 4th and Labor Day weekends. We  have asked them to maintain a stationary presence on East Lane at the entrance to our fire escape route. They have agreed to do this in addition to their regular patrols. The PCA Board voted to increase our annual donation to SAV for their additional patrols.


Due to safety concerns for all of us during the Covid‐19 pandemic, our annual meeting will be held via conference call. An Absentee Ballot is enclosed with a self‐addressed stamped envelope for easy return. You will be voting on the 2020‐2021 Board of Directors, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes, and Treasurer’s Report.


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May 2020 Newsletter - VIEW


Spring greetings to all of you, as each of us safely ‘shelters in place’ at home due to Covid-19! So much in our lives haschanged these last two months. And because of the current pandemic, your PCA is adapting as well!

In view of the ever-changing public health concerns, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION – ESPECIALLY YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL @ in the event we need to notify you immediately. Go to the brown tab called “Home Owner Information” then scroll down to ‘Home Owner Profile’ to make the necessary changes.

I would like to personally thank Don Sebring, John Kenyon and Ray Crawley for reviewing all of the homeowner’s permit requests this past winter. They each live in Pinetop year-round and have been able to keep up with the requests. We appreciate each of them for the time/effort they take to respond to each request.

Frank M Smith & Associates has informed us that, as of publication, there are only 7 dues outstanding/delinquent forthe 2019-2020 year. We thank FSA for their continued collection efforts


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Decemeber 2019 Newsletter - VIEW


For the THIRD year in a row, PCA members enjoyed a full complimentary breakfast prior to the start of the Annual Meeting. Members were signed in and greeted by current PCA Board members. There were a RECORD 91 members present, in addition to 48 proxies received prior. Gloria Mundy, President, introduced the four speakers: PL Fire Chief Jim Morgan, David Jacobs from Navajo County SAV, Catrina Jenkins with Navajo County 311, and Jane Craig, PCA Firewise Committee. Former Board presidents and members were asked to stand, plus the current PCA Board of Directors were introduced.

Pinetop Lakeside Fire Chief Jim Morgan gave a Firewise presentation noting how the programs and information changes as new research occurs. After the presentation, Chief Jim Morgan took questions for the audience. Jim Morgan stressed the importance for all owners to know their escape routes out of the Country Club.


July 2019 Newsletter - VIEW

This is the 5th year the PCA has partnered with the Pinetop Fire Department to bring the Firewise Event to our neighbors in the White Mountains. It has been so successful that we have outgrown the Fire Station and moved the event to Blue Ridge Elementary School. Thank you for your support.

VOLUNTEERS are needed for the Firewise Event on July 20th. Please call 928-369-2410 option 1 to let the PCA Clerk know if you are willing to volunteer. We need help with serving food, cooks, face painters, parking lot attendants, Kids corner & Bounce House volunteers and greeters. In addition, volunteers are needed to help set up on the 19t h and to take down after the event on the 20th.

You can volunteer for however many days (1 or 2), or however many hours that you can give. Your support is welcomed. As this pertains to Firewise, please research and learn the various fire evacuation routes in our neighbor. They are different for each of us depending where we live.

April 2019 Newsletter - VIEW
This past winter was pretty cold in the White Mountains area, so I know everyone is looking forward to spending time in Pinetop this summer to enjoy our beautiful surroundings!

December 2018 Newsletter - VIEW
Happy Birthday, Annual Meeting Summary: August 4th, 2018. 2018-2019 PCA Officers, Unit Directors and Board History. Firewise Report, 2018 Your Property Is Firewise Awards, Owner Contact Information, PCA Communication, Board of Directors Dues Collection Policy, HOuse and Lot Numbers.

July 2018 Newsletter - VIEW
Extreme Fire Danger, Fire Restrictions Prohibitions, Volunteers needed for Firewise Block Party Event on July 21st at PFD Station 12 (Venue Change was Blue Ridge HIgh School). This newsletter was sent via USPS and includes the August 4 Annual Meeting Proxy.

April 2018 Newsletter - VIEW
30 Day Cleanup Notice - This newsletter was sent via USPS mail to all Association members.

April 2017 Newsletter - VIEW
30 Day Cleanup Notice - PFD Fuel Reduction Grant process description, signup/Assessment Request form and copy of Home Property Owner Contract with PFD. This newsletter was sent via USPS mail to all Association members.

July 2017 Newsletter - VIEW
Caliber Portal introduction including member profile content and Annual Meeting Proxy form. This newsletter was sent via USPS mail and to our member email list.

December 2017-Winter Newsletter: VIEW
Collection Policy Revision & Pay ONLINE/PayLease & Caliber Portal. Sent via USPS mail to all members along with the 2018 Assessment Statement.

April 2016 Newsletter - VIEW
30 Day Cleanup Notice Sent to members for whom we have email addresses. Mailed via USPS mail to all members for whom we have no email address and to those who have requested to receive correspondence via USPS mail.

July 2016 Newsletter - VIEW
Annual Meeting Meeting Proxy, Income Statement Comparison June 30, 2015/June 30 2016 (2 pages) with 2015 Year End and Balance Sheet Comparison June 30, 2015/June 30, 2016. Sent to members for whom we have email addresses.  Mailed via USPS mail to all members for whom we have no email address and to those who have requested to receive correspondence via USPS mail.

December 2016 Newsletter - VIEW
Included in the December USPS mail of the 2017 Annual Assessment Invoices to all members.

The first newsletter of 2015 will be included in the USPS dues invoice mailing scheduled for February 2, 2015.

Letter to Membership & Winter 2015 Newsletter - VIEW
Sent to all members via USPS mail.

Special Tree Grant Program - March 2015 Newsletter - VIEW
Sent to all members via USPS mail.

Tree Grant Program Cancellations Letter - April 2015 Newsletter -VIEW
Sent to all members via USPS mail.

Newsletter July 6, 2015 - Annual Meeting Notice & Proxy - VIEW
Sent to members for whom we have email addresses via email and to members without email (& those who have requested hardcopy) via USPS.

Newsletter December 2015 - VIEW
Included with the 2016 Dues Invoice and sent to all members via USPS mail

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